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Allen Glover
Danny Boyles
 Allen Glover, Special Representative
17 Eagle Pointe Drive Augusta, Ga 30909
Home: 706-738-3717
Cell: 706-589-6013


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P.O. Box 390506 
Snellville GA 30039
Home: 770-979-3554
Cell: 770-329-6316

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533 Sugar Hollar Road
LaFollette, TN 37766
Home: 423-562-9580
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 Allen Glover

Allen Glover, Special Representative

Forty plus years of railroad experience qualifies Allen as an expert in just about every aspect of FELA cases.  And when we are faced with something Allen doesn’t know, he knows who to call for the answers we need. 

After retiring from the UTU, Allen could have done just about anything he wanted.  He chose to work with Designated Legal Counsel Michael Warshauer  because after observing just about every lawyer in the South who does FELA work, Allen is convinced that he can best continue to serve the needs of railroaders by working with Michael.  With our firm, Allen knows that the railroaders he has devoted his life to helping will get aggressive, yet conscientious and caring legal help delivered in an ethical manner. 

One of the truly unique skills that Allen brings to our law firm is his understanding of the Railway Labor Act and the appeal process that too often is used by Railroads to attempt to fire and otherwise intimidate workers who are injured on the job. 

As a senior railroad accident investigator, Allen Glover provides invaluable expertise in the preparation of our FELA and grade crossing cases. 

For most of the last 40 years, Allen was either out on trains as a conductor or serving his fellow railroaders as a full time union official.  As a result, he is knowledgeable about labor agreements and procedures, safety issues, and investigative techniques,  

Allen started his railroad career as a conductor with CSX Transportation and its predecessor railroads and finished up by being employed by the United Transportation Union as Vice-General Chairman for 9 years in the Union’s Jacksonville, Florida offices.  He had previously served in 
 several elected positions for UTU Local 674 in Augusta, Georgia, eventually rising to the position of Local Chairman for UTU Local 674  before moving to Jacksonville.  .After retirement from the Union, Allen returned to his home in Augusta where he resides with his wife Jackie.
 Joe Allen                     

Joe retired from Norfolk Southern after a career ending injury, with 30 years service. He was a Union Officer for 20 years as a Local Chairman, President, and Legislative  Representative. Michael's Law practice has been the only legal representation that he has ever recommended to railroad workers. Michael has been with his local since  the day he started his own practice.

Joe owns 30 acres on top of a mountain that he shares with his 2 miniature dachshunds, Danno and Killer. His hobbies are fishing and working on old Jeeps. His favorite thing to do by far is dressing up as Santa Claus during the Holiday season.  Nothing warms the heart like the sparkle in a child's eyes!

 Danny Boyles

Danny Boyles started his railroad career in 1976 with Southern Railroad Corp., which later  became Norfolk Southern.  He was active in UTU Local 1245 until retiring in 2007, serving as Local Chairperson, Local Insurance Rep., Vice President, Local Legislative Rep., and Secretary and Treasurer.  In 1995, Danny went to work for the International President as a full time organizer and Special Rep.  He worked on various organizing  campaigns throughout the United States.  In 1997, he was elected as the Assistant Director of the Georgia State Legislative Board.  Two years later, he was elevated to the office of the State Legislative Director for the State of Georgia, where he served until his retirement in 2007.

While serving as the State Legislative Director, he worked with the National Legislative Director in  Washington, helping to pass the Railroad Retirement Act Improvement Act.  He also served on the Switching Operation Fatalities Analysis Working Group (SOFA).  SOFA was composed of members from the UTU, BLE, AAR, AASLRA, and FRA.  The group studied switching operation fatalities and made recommendations on ways to improve safety in switching operations.  Danny also served on the Collision Analysis Working Group (CAWG).  CAWG studied main line collisions in the rail industry, and found there was a need for improved training, work/rest periods and safer operations of trains.

Danny is married to his high school sweetheart, Peggy.  They have been together for 43 years and have three children and four grandchildren.  He spends most of his free time golfing, fishing and woodworking.  He also remains active in political, social, charitable, and fraternal activities.

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